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Coming May 18, 2019

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I’m your lover and your best friend.

We share a life, but do you know who I am?

It’s supposed to be a quick stop at the mall, a last minute errand. To Lia Drake, it doesn’t feel right from the start. Maybe it’s the eerie silence as closing time looms. Maybe it’s the hooded stranger watching her every move. Or maybe she’s just on edge after an emotionally draining day at her job with Child Protective Services.

But within minutes, gunfire peppers the hallways, sending Lia and her husband, John, cowering in a storeroom. Hiding does little good. Footsteps near. Gunshots explode. John’s lifeless body pins Lia to the floor.

Overwhelmed with grief, Lia assumes it’s another random act of violence until police suggest that John had been their target. It doesn’t make sense. John is easy going, funny, and genuinely kind-hearted. She can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like him, yet alone someone who would to see him dead.

But Lia has demons in her closet that could be to blame.

A quest for answers reveals more than Lia bargained for. Every new detail exposes a suspect with motive to kill. Worse, those details paint an unrecognizable picture of John, revealing a side to him she knew nothing about.

Lia’s desperation lands her in a race for time with John’s increasingly restless killer. It could be a complete stranger, or someone she trusts. If she doesn’t figure it out soon, she’ll become their next victim.

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PLEDGE OF ASHES by Amy Sevan – 5 of 5 stars

Pledge of Ashes (Rise Series Book 1) by [Sevan, Amy]

Oh, how I loved this book!

Let me start by saying that this is not my typical genre. I have hard time connecting to characters and settings that I don’t believe, or can’t trick myself into believing could be real. I know I’m in the minority, as fantasy is a hugely popular genre, but I say this to emphasize the power this book had over me.

Sydney Hoven is not your typical character. She’s a strong, sarcastic, rough-around-the-edges woman – usually a fool proof recipe for an unlikeable character. Admittedly, she is somewhat unlikeable, but the author’s superb character development skills make her so relatable, it took little time to empathize with her. Chapter after chapter we delve a little deeper into the makings of this complex character until we can’t help but to cheer her on during every step of her bizarre journey.

Speaking of characters, oh Devon… I’m not the swooning type, but this guy turned me into a swooning puddle of mush. He’s such a strong, charming, and vivid character that I found myself hoping and praying he could be real and that he’d show up on my doorstep. (Don’t tell my husband that.)

A psychic storyline is always intriguing, but what sets this book apart is Syd’s insistence on abandoning her powers. She just wants a normal life and it seems she’s taking steps in the right direction…until she meets Devon.

Hunky, sexy, far too tempting Devon.

As a testament to Syd’s strength, she does quite the job resisting this total package man.

The kicker is that he isn’t just any hunky, sexy, far too tempting guy. No. He’s an angel sent to protect Syd and help her hone the powers she’s so desperate to lay to rest. Her refusal would have dire consequences for all of humanity, giving Hell victory over Heaven.

A few surprise twists and a lot of action coupled with all of the above make this book a winner, but what really drew me into a story so unlike what I usually read is the incredible attention to Syd’s character. Layer after layer, she becomes so incredibly real I can feel her scars and trust me, this poor girl has plenty.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Hands down, 5 of 5 stars! Actually, can I give it a 6? What the heck. 6 of 5 stars!