Throw The Key

“Lock the doors and windows…don’t talk to anyone…keep the kids with you.”​
Jenna Bradley knows she needs to be afraid, she just doesn’t know what she should be afraid of. An evening phone call from her husband, Eric rattles her to the core. “I’m coming to get you and the kids.  We have to go away for a while.”
No explanation, just a few orders laced in panic.
Jenna can only assume that as a reporter, Eric has exposed the wrong people. It’s only a guess. The distance between them grows every day, Eric living his life, Jenna living hers. She doesn’t know what he’s been working on any more than she knows where he went that morning. If only the gunmen holding her and her children hostage believed that.
Eric has the answers. In a hurry to get to his family and take them to safety he jets over Lake Michigan, but when his engine stalls he wonders if he’ll make it home at all.
Federal inmate, Kurt McElroy, has the answers too, but heavy prison monitoring prevents him from sending a clear warning, not to mention getting help. The private prison he’s been contracted to is as corrupt as they come, but that corruption reaches beyond the prison walls to officials with everything to lose.
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